Electric Glass Melting Furnace

1. High temperature and dissolution efficiency
2. Under stable good quality conditions it enhances the glass parts good yield rate
3. simple and labor-saving operation
4. Clean and quiet working environment

NC Processing Machines

Mould Manufacture Device
3D Digitizing Coordinate Measuring Machine…1/SET
NC Post-Production Machine
Computer Numerical Control Milling Machine…9/SET
Milling Machine…5/SET
Cr. Electroplate…1/SET
Photometric Testing Laboratory…1/SET

Robot Arm Operation

Robot & Glass Making Equipment

Implementing robot and glass making equipment is necessary for the maintaining the quality of our products. Our company imports entirely automated robot equipment in the whole process of production. We integrate human resources for replacement, completely automatic production, and controlling the accuracy and stability of the products in order to raise the standard of product quality and quantity. In addition, we offer business equipments and production process arrangement.

Electric Furnace

Recently the convenience of the electric furnace for melting glass has been recognized in the glass industry. Especially the introductions of the small & middle capacity furnaces have been increased. Even if the electric cost is more expensive than those of another energies. The all-electric furnace for melting glass, directly electrified, is superior to the traditional firing furance on the points of as bellows.

Optical 3D Measurement System

The ATOS series of industrial non-contact 3D scanners using structured blue light deliver precise scans with detailed resolution at high speed. ATOS was developed with advanced hardware and intelligent software for repeatable and precise measurements.

ATOS sensors are designed as flexible 3D scanners for complex measuring and inspection tasks in different industries.